【Tsubaki/ Camellia🌺】⁡The weather in Australia is changing into early summer💕 The ground is covered by colourful flowers and trees. It’s a beautiful season!⁡⁡The beautiful photos are of a Japanese Camellia in our garden. My husband and I enjoy viewing our flowers everyday.⁡⁡I created a Camellia with Tsumami Zaiku this time🌺⁡⁡The flower language of Camellia:⁡‘Modest kindness’‘Pride’⁡⁡⁡

Tsumami Zaiku

“Tsumami Zaiku (Kanzashi)” is a traditional Japanese craft, recognized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government – that has been handed down since the Edo period. Small, square-cut pieces of fabric (usually chirimen or cotton crepe raw fabric) is delicately pinched and folded with tweezers to make patterns of birds, or flowers with seasonal motifs. The origins …