Let’s create your own Tsumami Zaiku!

This time, I would like to share information about the fabrics used in the creation of Tsumami Zaiku.

When you start to think about creating Tsumami Zaiku, you may be wondering what kind of material is suitable for use. Here are some recommended fabrics for you.


Chirimen refers to a plain weave fabric made of silk or rayon. In Japan, it has a long history as a high-class silk fabric (used for kimonos), and in recent years, rayon and polyester products have proved popular and are used extensively by Tsumami Zaiku Artists. The crepe fabric is characterized by its uneven surface and this type of cloth is often used for Tsumami Zaiku items. Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it creates a fluffy appearance. However, good care must be taken when handling Chirimen as it is sensitive to water and may shrink.


Cotton fabrics are available at a reasonable price. Due to its thickness, (if you use multiple layers of cut cloth) the item may be a little heavier. When folding the cloth, it has creases and is easy to bond. Adhesion with starch glue is not suitable, so it is recommended to use a fabric glue with cotton – to adhere effectively.

Polyester satin

It is glossy and gives the Tsumami Zaiku a luxurious feel. The thread is easy to unravel from the edge of the cut cloth, so if you wish, you can treat the edge of the cut cloth with a flame (lighter) to prevent it from fraying. It takes some time to bond with a fabric glue, so it is recommended to fix the bonded part with a handicraft clip.

Habutae Silk

Plain weave silk fabric. It is one of the easiest to use fabrics for making very thin Tsumami Zaiku. It is soft, flexible and glossy, giving the item a luxurious feel. It’s a very delicate and thin fabric, so it’s also suitable for making small items. Starch glue is recommended, but if you use fabric glue – be careful with the amount used.


I am Sanae, a Tsumami Zaiku Artist based in Canberra, Australia. Tsumami Zaiku is a traditional Japanese handmade fabric floral art and I am creating my beautiful floral craft with multicolored fabric.

I love to share my stories of Tsumami Zaiku in my blog and also give you the tips for how to create beautiful floal craft.

I really hope you will enjoy my site and find special items for youself or for your loved ones.

Sanae Gray

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