Every new year – on the 7th of January – Japanese eat a healthy rice porridge called “Nanakusa-gayu”

This traditional event is for wishing us good health through the year ahead

It is also a day to rest your tired stomach, after the end-of- year and new year meals. 

Originally, this porridge style meal originated from China if we search its history.

Today I prepared Nanakusa-gayu in this morning, and enjoyed the porridge with my husband.

Nanakusa-gayu = Seven herbs porridge

What are the ingredients for Nanakusa-gayu?

Here is the recipe for you, if you are interested – please enjoy⁡

RECIPE (for two people)


Seven herbs: Water dropwort, Shepherd’s Purse, Cudweed, Chickweed, Nipplewort, Turnip, Radish

Rice 1 CupWater 700ml 

Chicken soup stock 1 – 1.5 Tablespoon

⁡1. All of herbs – boiled with water and chopped.

2. Cook rice with water and chicken soup stock – once it’s boiled cook 30-40mins with low heat.

3. Mix porridge and herbs to serve.⁡ 

As I was unable to locate all of the usual herbs in Australia, I alternated by using these vegetables and herbs instead:

Seven herbs: Broccoli, Bok choy, Spinach, Celery, Japanese leek, Italian parsley, Mizuna

I also added some king oyster mushrooms, and salted kelp. 

⁡Wishing everyone’s healthy 2022 year.


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