【Tsubaki/ Camellia🌺】

The weather in Australia is changing into early summer💕

The ground is covered by colourful flowers and trees.

It’s a beautiful season!

The beautiful photos are of a Japanese Camellia in our garden.

My husband and I enjoy viewing our flowers everyday.

I created a Camellia with Tsumami Zaiku this time🌺

The flower language of Camellia:

‘Modest kindness’


I am Sanae, a Tsumami Zaiku Artist based in Canberra, Australia. Tsumami Zaiku is a traditional Japanese handmade fabric floral art and I am creating my beautiful floral craft with multicolored fabric.

I love to share my stories of Tsumami Zaiku in my blog and also give you the tips for how to create beautiful floal craft.

I really hope you will enjoy my site and find special items for youself or for your loved ones.

Sanae Gray

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