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Through “Sado” (the way of tea), I was able to revalue the lifestyle, the wisdom, and the heart that have been passed down since ancient times in Japan – to value the time used to face myself – in the daily flow of time.

Where are we from and where are we going…? For what and for whom do we spend our days…? Was it a calm day or a busy day…?

Look back and look at yourself in the passing time and ask yourself whether you are living your own way and feeling happy ?

I think that having a moment to find tranquillity is very important. Even just 5 minutes….

When people say “Sado”, they have an image of practicing strict methods (how to drink the tea, how to eat sweets, etc.). Although the level of understanding is high, with practice, it is within reach.

When I discovered “Tsubaki no Kai / Table Style Sado”, my interest in “Sado” deepened and I decided to incorporate it into my life. I started learning “Table Style Sado” and reconsidered the importance of “communication with heart and language”.

At the tea ceremony, the host will prepare the tea house and offer a feeling of relaxation to the guests. The guest feels the thoughtfulness of the host and responds with words. This is the “communication” with heart and language which I discovered from “Table Style Sado”. At the same time, we will have a “connection” from the interaction with people at the tea ceremony, and this is a great opportunity to discover new things and learn. Thinking about the other person using compassion and empathy, which is created through the conversation, leads to personal growth and happiness.

I believe this is a wonderful gift from those who have devoted their lives to “Sado” and that the traditional Japanese culture of tea ceremony continues to be inherited. I believe it is of great importance to pass on this wonderful gift to the next generation.

I sincerely believe in “Sado” and that it can contribute to being considerate to those around us. I wish you peace and personal growth through “Sado”.


I am Sanae, a Tsumami Zaiku Artist based in Canberra, Australia. Tsumami Zaiku is a traditional Japanese handmade fabric floral art and I am creating my beautiful floral craft with multicolored fabric.

I love to share my stories of Tsumami Zaiku in my blog and also give you the tips for how to create beautiful floal craft.

I really hope you will enjoy my site and find special items for youself or for your loved ones.

Sanae Gray

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